Interesting facts about Lithuania

Lithuania is a small Baltic state closely connected with Russia by a common Soviet heritage. The inhabitants of Lithuania relate to this heritage in different ways, but this does not cancel the fact that it still exists. And, in spite of the fact that Lithuania is a young state, it is possible to tell about it many interesting facts.

Lithuania is one of the countries with the most rapidly disappearing population. This is due to the high level of migration to the European Union countries and natural decline. Since 1993, the Lithuanian population has been decreasing by an average of 1% each year.

Women in Lithuania are 15% more than men. The competition among women in the sphere of personal relations is quite high here.

The national sport of Lithuania is basketball. It has gained popularity since the 30s of the last century and to this day does not give up its positions.

The average height of men in Lithuania is 183 cm, which is 6 cm above the average European index. Perhaps, this fact is associated with the high popularity of basketball in the country. However, the highest Europeans are still Montenegrins.

In Lithuania, at the state level, the execution of the anthems of Nazi Germany, the USSR and the Lithuanian SSR is prohibited, as well as the use and demonstration of relevant attributes. The corresponding law was adopted in 2008.

93% of Lithuanian citizens own any real estate. Buying a property here is considered the most profitable and reliable investment.

All enterprising Lithuanians left from the Soviet times monuments to communist leaders were brought to one park, having organized a unique museum of the USSR.

On the territory of Lithuania there are only 106 cities, and among them there is not a single city with a million population.

Lithuania ranks first in Europe in terms of people’s access to the Internet. About 60% of households are connected to the worldwide network. Free wi-fi is there almost everywhere.

 The Lithuanian language has preserved many ancient features, and is considered the closest language to Sanskrit. Thanks to this feature, the Lithuanian language is studied in many universities of the world.

Lithuania has its own aroma, registered under the name “The smell of Lithuania”. The smell is released in the form of air perfume for rooms. Its creators have identified with their goal the formation of a sustainable positive image of the country.

At the beginning of the XVII century, the area of ​​Lithuania reached 990 thousand square kilometers, but has since decreased by 15 times.

In the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius, an oak of 2000 years old was preserved. Grapple it can only eight.

A third of the Lithuanian population lives outside of their state.

The national symbol of Lithuania is a white stork. At the Tokyo Conference in 1960 Latvia undertook to preserve and increase the number of this species of birds.

In the center of Vilnius is the independent mini-republic “Užupis” with its own Constitution. This is the territory of free poets, artists and other creative people.

There are no trams and metro in Vilnius. In the past ten years, there has been a lot of debate about which transport to build in the capital, but statesmen have not yet come to a consensus.