Interesting facts about London

London is an ancient city. Nowadays it is one of the most visited cities in the world – many are attracted by its history and unique charm. Nothing like this will be found in any other city in the world, despite the fact that among them there are enough interesting and original. To visit London on vacation is a great idea, but you should take into account that everything here is very expensive.

The exact age of London is unknown, but judging by the found records, it is about two thousand years old.

In the Taurus of London, the crows who live there watch the special caretaker. There is a legend that the UK will fall when these birds leave the Tower.

Taxis in London exist in two types – ordinary, and traditional London cabs. To get a cab driver license, you must pass a very difficult examination for the knowledge of absolutely all London streets, because traditionally cab drivers do not use maps or navigators.

London is the largest city in the European Union, and in combination the second largest in Europe as a whole.

Founded by the Romans, London was originally called the Roman manner – Londinium.

For a hundred years, from 1985 to 1925, London was the largest city in the world.

Every year at Christmas on Trafalgar Square in London, a Christmas tree is set up, sent from Oslo. It is a token of gratitude for the help rendered to Norway during the Second World War.

The entrance to the car in the center of London in the daytime is paid, and it costs, by the way, a lot – ten pounds sterling.

In London, there is a statue of George Washington, but it was installed on land brought from the US, because Washington during life claimed that “his foot no longer step on the English land.”

The famous London “Big Ben” is not a tower, contrary to the widespread myth. “Big Ben” is the bell tower established there, and the tower itself is called “Elizabeth”.

Under London, there are twenty rivers hidden in the pipes.

The codebook for ships entering the London harbor still allows the Tower Constable to demand from each ship for a barrel of rum as a duty.

Londoners speak more than three hundred languages, which makes London the most multilingual city in the world. However, in English it’s all the same, of course, they say everything.

Local law forbids you to catch a taxi in the streets of London, if you are infected with a plague.

All London buses became red in 1907. Before that, they were painted in different colors.

London is the largest city in the UK. It lives about a third less than the population in Moscow, and almost fifty times more than in Paris.

In one of the museums in London, a collection of things forgotten by passengers in the London Underground is stored. It includes such extravagant things as a human skull, a samurai sword, a coffin and a fugu fish.

London Heathrow Airport accepts and sends international flights more than any other airport in the world.

In the fire of 1666 in London, about 70 thousand people were left without a roof over their heads, despite the fact that then the population of this city was only 80 thousand.

In London, opened the world’s first zoo. This significant event happened in the distant 1828.

There are more than a thousand streets in London.

Contrary to popular belief, London is not a rainy city at all. On the contrary, it is one of the driest in Europe. But there are a lot of overcast days here.

Buses in London go round the clock.

The cheapest transport in London is a bicycle. You can hire it on almost every street, and daily rent will cost half the price of the shortest subway ride.

From London to Paris, you can reach the train in just two hours.