Interesting facts about Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most famous American cities, and it is known far beyond the United States. Ask someone to name the famous cities of the star-striped country, and for sure you will hear about New York and Los Angeles. Located in sunny California, this bustling multinational city is one of the most important economic centers of the United States. And despite the fact that this city can not boast of an ancient history, it still remains insanely interesting and attractive.

The first name of Los Angeles, which the city received during the Spanish reign, sounded like “The Village of the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Angels.”

Los Angeles and its environs are the site of the largest concentration of Mexicans in one territory outside of Mexico.

Port of Los Angeles is considered one of the most loaded on Earth.

Thanks to Hollywood, Los Angeles is rightly considered the world capital of the film industry. Every day on the streets of the “city of angels” are filming at least 50 films.

Los Angeles called the leader among US cities in the number of cinemas and museums. It was here that the first cinema in the world opened for viewers – it happened in 1902.

In Los Angeles and in its vicinity there are oil deposits discovered in the XIX century. Some of them have been successfully developed so far.

In Los Angeles, a unique lighthouse is installed, illuminating the neighborhood green light.

The male population of Los Angeles is legally allowed to spoil his wife with a two-inch wide belt. To attack a woman with a belt of large sizes will have to gain her consent. Of course, no one does this – this is another “dead” American law, left from a long time.

In Hollywood, more than 2,600 stars have been installed on the Walk of Fame with names of celebrities who have made a big contribution to the entertainment industry.

Originally, the famous Hollywood letters were Hollywoodland inscription – it was installed on the hills to advertise new homes over the area of ​​Hollywood. In the early 1940s, the inscription began to deteriorate quickly, and the active participation in the campaign for its restoration was taken, in particular, by rock musician Alice Cooper (he completely sponsored the repair of the letter O).

Los Angeles officially became a city only after the seizure of this territory of the US – this happened in 1850.

 After the railway communication between Los Angeles and the US manufacturing centers was established, the population of the city jumped 40 times.

Hollywood before the beginning of the XX century was a separate settlement, but then the inhabitants of Los Angeles favored its accession – they were interested in modern sewerage and water supply system, available to the inhabitants of the hills.

Los Angeles is the only major city in the US where basketball is the sport’s favorite sport, not American football.

Los Angeles, according to statistics, is one of the cities in the world with the largest number of cars per capita. Calculations show that in the “city of angels” there are 2 million more cars than people with driving licenses.

Los Angeles is an international city – its residents speak more than 220 languages.

The debut ceremony of the “Oscar” film award was organized in Los Angeles in the spring of 1929. It lasted 15 minutes, the entrance ticket could be bought for $ 5.

In Los Angeles, there are no own sources of drinking water – it enters the city on three aqueducts from a distance of 390, 545 and 714 kilometers.

In Los Angeles there is the Academy of Magic Arts – it is located in the “Magic Castle” in the heart of the city, where you can rent a room, watch a show of illusionists or ghosts, and also take a six-week course of witchcraft training.

Los Angeles has its own first-level domain – .la, which the city authorities bought from Laos.