Interesting facts about Magellan

The famous Portuguese navigator and discoverer Fernand Magellan has forever left his mark in the history of mankind, becoming one of the most famous researchers. He embarked on a courageous journey, the results of which supplemented our treasury of knowledge and told the masses of the new contemporaries Magellan. Merit of his overestimation is impossible, and you can be sure that the name of Fernand Magellan will never be forgotten.

Magellan is the first person to make a round-the-world voyage.

In the name of Magellan, not only the known strait is named, but also two galaxies – the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, as well as the crater on the Moon.

It was Magellan who discovered the Europeans the Philippine Islands, where the same republic is now located.

In the sea battle of Diu, which occurred on February 3, 1509, Magellan’s caravel broke through the formation of enemy ships, and Magellan took to boarding the flagship of the enemy’s ship.

Once, several ships of the flotilla, in which Magellan sailed then, were wrecked, and the sailors on boats reached the uninhabited island. It was decided that some of the sailors would go on boats for help, and the rest would wait on the island from the return. Ordinary sailors were outraged that all officers leave on boats, leaving only sailors ashore, fearing that no one will return for them. Scarcely did not rebel, but Magellan reassured the team, remaining on the island with the sailors. Soon they were all saved.

Once Magellan lent to one merchant a solid amount of money, which he did not wish to return. The debt was returned to Magellan only six years after the trial.

Prior to his famous trip Magellan fought a lot – and in Malaysia, and in India, and in Africa. Subsequently, leaving military service, he decided to devote his life to the exploration of the world.

Magellan made a round-the-world trip under the Spanish flag, as the king of Portugal did not want to finance his expedition. But the Spanish crown honored the famous navigator.

A squadron of five ships set off on a round-the-world journey, taking food for two years with Magellan hiding the sailing route from sailors and other captains, which repeatedly aroused discontent.

Magellan for many years remained the only captain who flew through the strait, received his name, without losing a single ship.

The Pacific got its name precisely thanks to Magellan, who crossed it, having traveled 17 thousand kilometers and not encountered a single storm. As practice showed, the name turned out to be reckless – the Pacific Ocean is famous for its violent character. Magellan in his voyage was just lucky.

Magellan was not going to make a round-the-world voyage – he was looking for a passage to the Moluccas Islands.

Magellan himself never made a round-the-world voyage, having perished in the Philippines. During the voyage most of the expedition was lost – five ships with 250-300 people on board, only one ship with 18 people on board returned to Spain. Thus, the Magellan expedition was the first round-the-world voyage.

The archipelago of Tierra del Fuego got its name also thanks to Magellan, who took the fires of the Indian fires for the volcanoes. In fact, there is not a single volcano on the archipelago.

On the island of Mactan, Philippines, a monument to Magellan was erected. And next to it stands another monument – the native leader, from whose hands Magellan died.