Interesting facts about Malaysia

Malaysia is a country of contrasts. Here you can within a couple of minutes walk to see everything – and the sparkling skyscrapers, and poor hovels, and beauty, and dirt. The islands on which Malaysia is located are in a seismically dangerous zone, so that earthquakes here are not uncommon, as, indeed, some other manifestations of the riot of the elements. Malaysians themselves are the people, which from time immemorial was famous in Asia, as formidable pirates and experienced navigators.

The name of Malaysia comes from the word in Sanskrit, meaning “country of mountains”.

Malaysia is ruled by the king, but power is not inherited here, as, for example, in Brunei – here the kings are elected for a certain term as presidents. In total, in Malaysia, there are nine monarchs at the same time who elect the supreme king.

Despite the fact that Malaysia is an equatorial country with a tropical climate, there has never been a temperature above 40.1 degrees Celsius.

In Malaysia, a huge number of rivers, but among them there is not one large. In addition, many rivers are very heavily polluted.

On the territory of Malaysia, one-fifth of all known species of animals are found.

Every third Malay is under fifteen.

Almost 60% of the territory of Malaysia is covered with forests.

One-fifth of the total population of Malaysia is Chinese.

On the territory of Malaysia is the world’s largest grotto in a natural cave – Sarawak.

Most Malays speak English well.

Movement on the Malay roads left-handed is the legacy of the common colonial past with Great Britain.

Malaysia is one of the ten most visited countries in the world.

Meat in Malaysian cuisine is rare – it is dominated by rice and fish.

Almost all cars and motorcycles in Malaysia are of local production, as import duties on foreign equipment are very high here.

Despite the fact that the state religion of Malaysia is Islam, there are enough Hindus and Buddhists, and Christians. Local legislation guarantees everyone freedom of religion, however, automatically identifying all indigenous Malays as Muslims.

The island of Sipadan, belonging to Malaysia, is an object of close attention of divers all over the world. In its coastal waters, there are about three thousand species of different fish.

The GDP of Malaysia per capita per year is almost equal to the similar parameter in Russia.