Interesting facts about Manila

Manila is a huge city, one of the largest in Asia. This is a real metropolis with sparkling skyscrapers in the center, which here, however, are adjacent to the poor slums. The opinions of people who have visited this city often turn out to be exactly the opposite – someone praises him, someone scolds him, but one can not help admitting that Manila is amazing both for its beauty and its ugliness at the same time. Which side of the city will impress you more – depends on you.

Manila is the most populous city not only in the Philippines, but in general in the world. Of course, there are cities in which more people live, but here is the highest population density.

The first university in Asia was opened here, in Manila – it was built in the 18th century by the Spaniards, who then belonged to the Philippines.

All inhabitants of Manila speak two languages ​​- English and either Tagalog or Visayas.

About 10,000 people live on the territory of the northern cemetery of Manila. Yes, the problem of lack of living space here is very acute.

It is forbidden to smoke on the streets of Manila. Violators are supposed to be weighed fine.

There are a lot of police in Manila. In the majority of banks and large shops, well-armed guards are on duty. Nevertheless, in general, this city does not turn to call the language dangerous – if you do not walk in doubtful slums, with you, most likely, nothing unpleasant will happen.

The area of ​​Manila is only about 38.5 square kilometers. For comparison – the area of ​​Moscow is more than 2500 square kilometers. At the same time in Manila only ten times less people live than in Moscow.

In Manila there is a monument to Pushkin.

The most popular type of public transport in Manila is jeep, that is, a jeep converted into a fixed-route taxi. What is characteristic, the jeepney does not have route numbers – instead, the names of streets on which the car passes are written on the tablets. And all jeepneys are unique – two identical can hardly be found. In Manila there are more than fifty thousand.

Prior to the Spanish capture in the late 16th century, Manila was predominantly a Muslim city.

At different times, Manila was owned by Spain, the United States and Japan.

The flowing through Manila River Pasig is considered one of the most dirty in the world.

If you buy a drink in a glass bottle, you will be offered to either pour it into a plastic glass or take it with a bottle, but in the second case you will have to pay a little.

The most common offense in Manila is banal theft. More serious crimes here are infrequent.

Manila is one of the busiest and busiest ports in the world, along with the capital of Uruguay, the city of Montevideo.

Every year more than one million tourists from all over the world visit Manila.

During the annual rainy season, hurricanes attack Manila about once a week.