Interesting facts about Montevideo

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay, and, perhaps, the only truly urbanized city in the territory of this small Latin American country. Uruguay, along with Argentina and Chile, is one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America, so Montevideo is prosperous. Of course, the local color is still strong here, but there is a certain charm in it.

Montevideo is actually the only “real” city in Uruguay, the rest of the city is more like an overgrown village. However, high-rise buildings still exist only in the center of Montevideo.

The full official name of the city is La Ciudad de San Felipe del Puerto de Montevideo. For obvious reasons, everyone uses the abbreviated name.

All blocks of the city are divided according to where they trade. In one quarter, a lot of stores of building materials, in the other – furniture, in the third – garden goods, and so on.

Municipal services involved in cleaning streets, still use horses and carts. Why not? But it’s environmentally friendly.

Montevideo has consistently ranked one of the first places in the category “Best City for Life” among all cities in Latin America.

In the US, too, there is a city called Montevideo.

On the streets of Montevideo there is a lot of police, just like in large Russian cities. Most police patrols go with service dogs.

The port of Montevideo is the busiest of the ports of all the countries of MERCOSUR.

The highest point in Montevideo is a lighthouse built on the top of a 136-meter high hill in the west of the city.

Very, very rarely in winter, the air temperature in Montevideo drops below zero.

More than half of the total population of Uruguay is the inhabitants of Montevideo.

In Montevideo, and throughout Uruguay, they speak Spanish and the dialects formed from it. And this despite the fact that Montevideo was founded by the Portuguese, and not by the Spaniards.

From Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, you can get in a few hours on a comfortable ferry, on which there is even the Internet.

In Montevideo is located the tallest building in the country – the tower of the local mobile operator Antel.

In 1930 in Montevideo hosted the World Cup in football. Then the police at the entrance to the stadium seized from the fans more than a half thousand pieces of firearms.