Interesting facts about Morocco

Morocco is a state located on the north of the African continent, populated mainly by representatives of the Arab people. Once it, like other African countries, was under the rule of Europeans, but in the middle of the 20th century the Moroccans gained independence from their suzerain – from France. For the inhabitants of Russia, Morocco remains, first of all, the country from which the tastiest tangerines in the world are brought.

In the Moroccan city of Fez is the oldest university in the world, founded and opened in 859.

Moroccans are very religious people. So, at each station there are special rooms where you can safely pray. Such rooms are even at the gas stations.

Morocco is a kingdom, and when a new king comes to power, on local bills change the image of the old ruler to the image of the new one. However, the old bills are still in motion.

The Moroccan currency is one of the most stable in the world.

Morocco is the only country in Africa that is not part of the African Union.

Some part of the population of Morocco is made up of Tuareg, who once had an interesting custom to hide their faces from everyone around them. And if someone suddenly saw the face of the Tuareg, the latter had to kill either him or himself. Fortunately, now this bloodthirsty tradition has already been forgotten.

Moroccans are often packed into an ordinary car for 6-7 people, and in the front seat can easily go immediately two.

Many Moroccan residents are ethnic Berbers. By the way, the word “Berbers” came from the French “barbarians”.

Part of Morocco is the famous Sahara desert.

In Morocco, it is customary to bargain always and everywhere. After successful bidding, the price may fall once in ten. The one who does not bargain, the Moroccans simply do not respect. Trade here is a kind of sport, from which both sides enjoy.

Traditional Moroccan buildings that can be seen in the countryside are always of the same color as the land on which they are built.

In Morocco, you can ski in winter. Of course, in the mountains. In winter, snow there is a few months.

The most popular sport in Morocco is football.

But dances, for example, in Morocco are not common. And in public to dance at all it is not accepted.

In Morocco, the most tasty mandarins and oranges are growing in the world.

The highest religious structure in the world is the minaret of the mosque of Hassan II, towering over two hundred meters. It is located in the Moroccan city of Casablanca.

Goats in Morocco easily climb trees.

Morocco is the leader in the production of dates. In the most fertile corners of this country, one date palm brings about fifty kilograms of dates annually.

In Morocco, there are a lot of camels, with single-core dromedaries. Moroccans highly appreciate these animals, but because of their prevalence, their cost is low – about a thousand dollars.

In Morocco, there are no vegetarians, except for visiting tourists.