Interesting facts about nails

We do not often think about how our body functions, right? Many do not even know what they are made of. Of course, highly specialized information is needed unless specialists – doctors, for example, or cosmetologists, but it’s interesting to find out what our body can do! Therefore, we have collected for you a small selection of facts about nails.

Right-handed fingernails grow faster on the right hand than on the left. Left-handers, respectively, vice versa.

And in general, men’s nails grow faster than women.

From a biological point of view, nails are scales.

The average person’s nail completely grows in about five months.

Soft, exfoliating and brittle nails are the first sign of a lack of calcium in the body.

Once the Vikings burned the nails of the dead, because they believed that when the end of the world comes, the ice giants will come to destroy our world on a ship built from the nails of the dead. Thus, burning the nails, the Vikings sought to prevent or at least postpone the construction of this sinister mythological vessel.

In ancient China, the length of the nails was directly tied to the degree of human connection with the divine forces, so anyone who could afford not to work with their hands, grew long nails.

It is well known that it took a long time to paint nails. Thus, historians have established that the well-known Egyptian queen Cleopatra did not disdain the manicure.

The harmful habit of gnawing nails scientifically is called “onychophagy.”

American Chris Walton did not cut her nails for 18 years and got into the Guinness Book of Records. At the time of fixing the record, the total length of the nails on both her arms exceeded six meters.

In the summer, nails grow faster than in winter.