Interesting facts about Nairobi

Nairobi is the hot, dusty capital of Kenya. This typical African metropolis is similar to most other major cities of more or less successful countries of the ancient continent, with all the ensuing features. Heat, the abundance of slums and people living below the poverty line – these are the hallmarks of the capital of the country savannah.

In Nairobi is the largest ice rink in Africa, the area of ​​which is almost one and a half square kilometers.

Nairobi ranks first in terms of population among all cities in East Africa. True, a fair share of this population is made up of poor slum dwellers who flock here from all parts of Kenya in search of a better life.

In Nairobi, the Tower of UAP Tower is located – a 33-story office complex, the tallest building in the whole of Africa. What a local attraction.

On the streets of the city is unsafe, especially after dark. Like the capital of Colombia, Bogota, Nairobi is consistently on the list of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Local people, especially the accustomed poor, can often drink tap water without any consequences, but the tourist can not do this, unless, of course, he does not want to pick up a whole bunch of infections at once.

Another local attraction – the slums of Kibera, located on the outskirts of the Kenyan capital. Here live almost a million people, and the conditions in which they live, plunged into a state of shock.

Smoking in Nairobi is illegal. You can count on the fingers of all the places where you can smoke in this city, except at home.

All roads leading from the city are blocked by military checkpoints. This, of course, creates some inconvenience, but really increases the level of security.

Arriving in Nairobi, most tourists go to see the famous Victoria Lake, as there is absolutely nothing to do in the capital itself.

The cheapest and therefore popular public transport in Nairobi is minibus-minibus, which here is called “matata”.