Interesting facts about Napoleon

Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor, became famous throughout the world for his conquests. True, the war of 1812 was fatal for him – being thrown from the Russian territory, Napoleon consistently lost his army, crown and freedom. Nevertheless, this person has left his mark in history, one can not argue with this, and it is unlikely that anyone in the civilized world who does not hear about him.

In honor of Napoleon, famous cakes were named, as well as a brand of cognac.

During his stay in Egypt, Napoleon was so scared of the sight of the ancient Sphinx that he ordered to shoot at him from guns. Therefore, the Sphinx has a nose broken – it has been blown up by a cannonball.

Once, when he had fallen asleep at the post of a fallen sentry, Napoleon stood in his place instead of punishing the soldier. He argued that a personal example is much more useful for morale than punishment.

Napoleon had weakness for hats – in his personal collection there were more than two hundred.

With health, the emperor Bonaparte was lucky – during his life he was ill only a few times.

Contrary to popular myth, Napoleon was not afraid of cats. This distinguished his nephew, Napoleon the Third, and Napoleon Bonaparte very much loved cats.

Napoleon was a magnificent mathematician.

After the defeat in the war with Russia, Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena. It was there that he later died.

The height of Napoleon was only 157 centimeters.

According to the testimony of contemporaries, Napoleon slept very little – an average of four hours a day.

Napoleon was born on the Italian island of Corsica, and at birth bore the surname di Buonaparte. Subsequently, from “offanzuzil” his name, and also learned the French language, which initially did not own.