Interesting facts about Nepal

Nepal is a country full of ancient secrets. It seems that even here the mountains breathe the secrets of the sages of past years, and the eternal mountains silently look at people from the height of their greatness. Nepal is a wonderful country in all respects, and it is certainly worth it to visit it at least once.

On the territory of Nepal there are all climatic zones available on the Earth – from permafrost to the tropics.

The motto of Nepal is “Mother and Motherland is More Expensive than the Celestial Kingdom”.

Almost half of the territory of Nepal is located at an altitude of 3000 meters, which makes it the most high-mountainous state in the world.

In Nepal is the highest and, perhaps, the most famous mountain on Earth – Everest (Chomolungma) rises to 8848 meters. Every tenth person from the set, trying to subdue him, perishes. This is statistics.

People who conquered Everest, can eat their whole lives at Rum Doodle.

The national flag of Nepal is not rectangular, like all other countries in the world – it consists of two red triangles with a blue edging. The red field shows the sun and the moon.

In Nepal, the lowest percentage of the urban population in the world – only 14% of citizens are citizens. This is less than even in African countries.

Nepal remains one of the poorest countries on Earth.

Only the monks or their parents can touch the heads of Nepalese people, for all others such a gesture is considered indecent.

Nepalese do not eat beef, because the cow here is considered a sacred animal.

In Nepal for the greeting do not use a handshake.

Nepalese are still divided according to the caste principle, there is among them a caste of untouchables. Transition from one caste to another is impossible.

In 2001, the Nepalese Crown Prince killed the king and almost all members of the royal family, and then committed suicide. This tragedy was the reason for the abolition of the monarchy and the transition to democracy.

Nepal is officially allowed polygamy, and in the north – polyandry (the presence of several husbands in one woman).

The border between China and Nepal, passing through the Himalayas, is considered the highest in the world.

In Nepal, there are female goddesses Kumari, who are considered to be the living embodiment of the deity Taleju Bhavani. Babies, who managed to pass the competitive selection for compliance with 32 parameters, carelessly live in the palace until they grow up.

In Nepal, there is the sacred mountain of Machapuchare, the ascent to which is forbidden – according to legend, on its top sits the Hindu deity Shiva and smokes a pipe.

The Kaligandak gorge, through which the Gandaki River flows, is the deepest in the world. The river valley cuts the Great Himalayan Range between the Annapurna Mountains and the Daulagiri Mountains, each of which exceeds 8,000 meters in height.

In the Buddhist monastery, located in the Sagarmatha National Park, you can see the scalp of a snowman (yeti). At least, so say Nepalese.

In the mountainous area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNepal, local residents collect mushrooms Yartsagumba (Cordycepsis), a kilogram of which costs up to 25 thousand euros. In folk medicine, this fungus is used to treat many diseases, including cancer.

It is believed that all the buddhas coming to Earth will be born in Nepal.

Nepalese airport Lukla, located at an altitude of 2,845 meters, is the most dangerous air haven in the world. The runway 257 meters long is sandwiched between the mountain and the hill, leaving no chance for a second round approach.

Nepal is one of the few Asian countries that has never been colonized or captured by another state, although Britain has tried to do so.

The lowest man in the world, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, whose height was only 54.6 centimeters, was a native of Nepal.

The day off in Nepal is only one – Saturday. In addition, this country is not now 2016, but 2073, according to the local calendar.