Interesting facts about New Zealand

New Zealand is not only the country where the “Lord of the Rings” was filmed, it is also one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Green hills, endless fields, on which flocks of sheep graze, excellent ecology, clean rivers … Perhaps, these lands can be deservedly called one of the most beautiful on Earth.

People appeared in New Zealand much later than most other parts of the globe. The Maori tribes settled on these islands only in the middle of the XIII century.

Now this state is one of the quietest and safest countries in the world. In addition, there is virtually no corruption in New Zealand.

In New Zealand, one of the official languages ​​is sign language.

New Zealand has two national anthems – its own and national English. The Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II formally rules and the territory of these islands – her duties include the approval of documents adopted by the local parliament.

New Zealand was the first of all countries of the world to declare itself a nuclear-free state – it happened back in 1987. In practice, this means, in particular, that in its territorial waters can not include ships with nuclear power or with nuclear weapons. There are also no nuclear power plants on the islands.

In the spring of 2013, New Zealand legalized same-sex marriages.

This island state was the first in the world (in 1893) to make the suffrage universal.

New Zealand also became the first country in the world where three top government positions were held by women.

The southernmost capital of the Earth is the New Zealand city of Wellington.

In the coastal waters of New Zealand, the “Hector’s Dolphin” dwells – the smallest representative of this species.

In New Zealand, the famous film trilogies “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” were filmed. In the state there is even a separate minister responsible for everything connected with these films.

The symbol of New Zealand is the wingless kiwi bird, which does not live anywhere else on Earth.

Residents of New Zealand are allowed to drive from 15 years.

In New Zealand, up to 400 earthquakes occur per year.

In the New Zealand city of Dunedin, Baldwin Street is located, descending at an angle of 38 degrees – this is no longer anywhere else in the world.

The first person to climb Everest was the New Zealander Edmund Hillary.

New Zealand’s Lake Taupo is located in the crater of an extinct volcano, which caused the strongest eruption in the last 70 thousand years.

The water of the local Blue Lake is one of the most transparent in the world.

In New Zealand, there are no snakes, large predators, poisonous insects and mosquitoes. But on these islands there are more kinds of penguins, than anywhere else on the planet.

One third of the country’s territory is state-protected national parks. At the entrance to most of them are sprays, which are recommended to process shoes, so as not to bring into the park foreign bacteria.

Mammals have appeared in New Zealand with people, about 1000 years ago. Up to this point, this class of animals was represented by only two species of bats.

The geography and climate of New Zealand, despite its modest size – one of the most diverse in the world.

Only in New Zealand lives a giant carnivorous snail Powelliphanta.

In this country there are no children’s homes – families who want to adopt a child often have to wait for years.

Almost throughout New Zealand, bonfire is prohibited.

In New Zealand, there are two major super volcanoes, the eruption of which will destroy the North Island and fill the earth’s atmosphere with ashes, leaving the planet for several years without sunlight. In the history of mankind nothing of the kind has happened yet.

The salary of the coach of the New Zealand national football team is comparable to that of an ordinary accountant or clerk.

Skyscraper “Heavenly Tower” in Oakland – the highest building in the Southern Hemisphere.