Interesting facts about North America

North America is a huge continent, largely occupied by two countries – the US and Canada. All kinds of terrain with the most diverse climate have found their place in its open spaces, a huge number of birds and animals live here, no fewer kinds of plants grow here … Yes, this continent really deserves to be interested in it.

More than half a billion people live on the North American continent. For comparison, in China, the population is almost three times that.

The largest part of North America is occupied by Canada, the second largest country in the world.

Contrary to popular belief, there are twenty-four countries in North America.

The island of Greenland is the northernmost point of North America. However, to this continent, it applies only geographically, but not politically.

The name North America received in honor of seafarer Amerigo Vespucci, although the first of Europeans visited its shores Christopher Columbus.

Once Asia and North America were connected by an isthmus, which then descended into the water. Now in its place is the Bering Strait.

The real scourge of the southern part of North America is a destructive tornado that sweeps everything in its path.

The highest temperature ever recorded on this continent is 57 degrees Celsius. The record was installed in the Valley of Death, USA, California.

The largest of the North American cities is Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. More than 20 million people live here.

It is here that the largest and deepest canyon on Earth is located – the Grand Canyon. He really is amazing.