Interesting facts about Norway

Norway is a country with a rich history. The birthplace of the harsh Vikings, today it is one of the most well-fed, calm and prosperous countries in the world. The standard of living in Norway is one of the highest, as is the level of social security. This state attracts not only tourists who want to join the ancient Scandinavian culture, but also immigrants, ready to overcome any difficulties, just to stay forever here.

In all of Norway, about 2.5 times less people live than in Moscow.

All Norwegians speak at least two languages ​​- Norwegian and English.

The city with a population of over 25-30 thousand people in Norway is considered large.

Four out of five Norwegians have their own boat, or at least a boat. Norwegians love the sea. Apparently, the spiritual legacy of the Viking ancestors is affected.

Almost all of Norway’s electricity comes from hydroelectric power plants.

Deforestation in Norway is not conducted at all – Norwegians prefer to buy wood from countries that do not care about their nature. For example, in Russia.

To see the garbage lying anywhere on the ground in the Norwegian cities is simply unreal.

Nominally, Norway is ruled by the king.

The average salary in Norway fluctuates near the mark of five or six thousand euros per month.

In Norway, everything is really very, very expensive. The taxes here are also huge.

Strong alcohol in Norway is not only extremely expensive – it is also sold only in specialized state stores.

Here, such winter sports as snowkiting, skiing and snowboarding are very popular.

Norway ranks first in the world for the length of the fjords, overtaking Canada and New Zealand by this parameter.

On the roads there are often tables with vegetables and fruits, and next to the price list and a jar for money. How much took – so much and put the bills. Nobody watches. To deceive here simply is not accepted.

On Norwegian television, most of the programs are in English with subtitles in Norwegian.

Robbery or murder in Norway is an event of national scale. Such grave crimes here – disappearing rarity. A similar situation is observed in Oman.

Norway ranks first in Europe in terms of the number of automobile tunnels.

The northernmost point of continental Europe, the North Cape, is located in Norway. Insanely beautiful place.

Angering phlegmatic and calm Norwegians is not easy, but if you have succeeded, run! Norwegians are terrible in anger. Apparently, the blood of the Vikings again affects.

In Norway, energy is very, very expensive. The cost of a family of four people for electricity in one month can get close to the mark of one thousand euros.

Most Norwegians prefer to live in houses, and not in apartments.

Contrary to popular belief, not all of Norway is cold. In the south of the country in winter there may not be snow at all, and the thermometer’s column may not fall below zero.

The least popular fast food in Norway is sushi. However, Norwegians in the majority basically do not favor fast food.

To go on a visit without an invitation in Norway is not accepted.

Norwegians are a patriotic nation, many hang out a flag on their house. When I leave, I remove the flag, and when I return home they hang me back.