Interesting facts about Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is an Arab state located in the south-east of the Arabian Peninsula. It has a hot climate and wealth, like other oil countries. Officially, the Sultanate of Oman was founded relatively recently, only in 1970, but people live here a long time ago, and once these lands were part of the Arab Caliphate. Nowadays Oman is a prosperous Arab country with a traditional way of life for the Arabs.

The Sultan in Oman is not just an important personage, but a real king and god, his word is the law. Here reigns absolute monarchy.

In many respects, Oman reminds Bahrain.

Bathing on the coast of Oman is possible all year round – the water here is always either warm or very warm.

Because of the heat and hot air, the sky above Oman almost always, even on cloudless days, seems grayer than blue.

The national currency of Oman is the Omani rial. He is tightly tied to the dollar. One rial costs a little less than three dollars.

There are no traffic jams in Oman anywhere, even in the capital, Muscat.

In Oman, there is not one permanent river – they all dry up in the summer.

To purchase alcohol in Oman, you must first obtain permission from the police, and Muslims do not issue permits. Alcohol is sold only in specialized stores.

In Oman, it is allowed to drive a car in a state of intoxication, just like in the Dominican Republic.

There is virtually no public transport in Oman – only shuttle buses, but most residents avoid using them.

Oman is a highly law-abiding country. It is impossible to see a banal domestic fight here, and that is impossible-for such a breach of order there is a prison sentence.

In the south of Oman, there is a population with Ethiopian roots, and even the local dialect is more like Ethiopian, rather than Arabic.

Practically all diseases, even a common cold, Omani doctors strive to treat with antibiotics.

Any event, even small, in Oman immediately acquires the status of important news. The reason is simple – nothing good happens in this happy land, and people are simply bored.

Most of the inhabitants of Oman are difficult to classify as champions of purity, as a result of the desert around the edges of intercity routes are littered with garbage – nobody removes it here.

Hold workshops in Omani companies at around seven in the morning – in the order of things. The day here begins early, and ends too early. All because of the constant debilitating heat.

The only major city in Oman is the capital, Muscat.

There is no direct air communication between Russia and Oman.

Because of the rain in Oman, it is quite possible to cancel, for example, classes at school.

Oman is a much less religiously religious country than the neighboring Arab states.

Gasoline in Oman is extremely cheap, but rather substandard because of the high sulfur content in it.

In Oman, it is impossible to buy such a familiar meal as sausage.

The products that Muslims do not allow religion (for example, pork) in Oman are sky-high money, because they are bought only by visitors.

Automobile tires on Omani cars cracked from the heat for several years. Tire fitting here is probably a very profitable business.

Oman suffers from a lack of fresh water, so that the authorities of the country have to desalinate salty sea water.