Interesting facts about Oslo

Oslo is a truly ancient city. Here everything is imbued with antiquity, the spirit of the Vikings of the past literally hovers through the streets, sandwiched between quite modern houses. To visit Oslo is a great idea, especially if you are not indifferent to Scandinavian culture. It is necessary only to calculate the budget in advance – Oslo, alas, is by no means included in the list of cheap cities, and the trip here will certainly fly into a pretty penny.

The exact age of Oslo is unknown, but the first mention of it is found in the annals, which are about a thousand years old.

Half a thousand years ago, Oslo was called otherwise – Wikia. The modern name of the city is used since the 17th century. Another name that was worn by this city is Christiania.

Oslo is not only the capital of Norway, but also its largest city.

In Oslo, about twenty times less people live than in Moscow.

Oslo is the most expensive city in the world.

About half of Oslo are forests and parks.

There are 343 lakes on the territory of Oslo.

Oslo was repeatedly recognized as the best city for living in the world.

The most popular name in Oslo is Muhammad. The thing is that about half of the residents of Oslo are immigrants.

The annual ceremony of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize is held in Oslo.

In Oslo, lunch at 11 o’clock, and dinner – at 15 o’clock.

One of the most interesting sights of Oslo is the ancient castle of Askerhus. In all of history, he was captured only once, when in 1940, German troops invaded Norway.

More than ten million people have visited the Oslo Opera House since its opening. This is approximately four times that of the whole of Norway.