Interesting facts about Panama

The Republic of Panama, located on the Isthmus of Panama, in Central America, is a fairly typical Latin American country with all the peculiarities of the local color. Panama is very popular with wealthy elderly Americans who move here to calmly meet their old age at their own villa.

Panama borders just two states – with Colombia in the South and Costa Rica in the north.

The capital of Panama is called the same as the country.

The Panamanian currency is called “balboa”, but US dollars are also in circulation here – they are accepted everywhere. The course of Balboa is tightly tied to the dollar exchange rate.

A considerable contribution to the budget of Panama is made by the Panama Canal – this country receives good incomes for its maintenance, because one of the world’s busiest sea routes passes through the channel.

Every year, several million tourists visit Panama. They are mostly attracted by the local nature, without exaggeration very beautiful.

The official language of Panama is Spanish, but French and English are also widely spoken.

The dimensions of Panama are approximately equal to the size of Lithuania.

The Panama Canal was built by the Americans from 1904 to 1914.

The Panama Railway is the most expensive in the world. Built it for five years.

Panama does not have a regular army.

In terms of natural disasters, Panama was lucky – hurricanes are actively combing all the surrounding countries, but Panama is barely touched.

More offshore companies than in Panama, registered only in Hong Kong. This is a real tax haven.

Leave a tip in Panama is not accepted.

The most popular drink in Panama is mate.

None of the inhabitants of the territory of modern Panama had a third blood group, as long as they and their descendants did not mix with the European colonizers.

The average life expectancy in Panama at the height is 77 years, more than in many countries of Europe (see interesting facts about Europe).

Most ships in the world go under the Panamanian flag. This is due to the fact that Panama refers to the so-called “countries of a comfortable flag.”

Popular in Panama garnish, served to a variety of dishes – fried bananas. It is more popular here than even rice and corn.

The world’s largest bird of prey, the harpy, lives in Panama.