Interesting facts about Paris

Paris is a city considered to be the most romantic in the world. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here every year to personally witness the Eiffel Tower, visit the Louvre, sit in a cozy cafe on the banks of the Seine or simply stroll through the ancient streets, many of which are mentioned in the French novels of Alexandre Dumas and other famous writers. Walking on stone paved Parisian pavement, you feel how to touch a piece of this story.

The oldest bridge that exists in Paris is called the “New Bridge”.

“The Paris syndrome” is a mental disorder caused by a discrepancy between the real city and the image of the French capital, created in films and books. Most often occurs in tourists from Japan.

Paris is often called the “City of the World” because of the large number of intellectuals and creative personalities who live and create in it.

The most popular place among tourists in Paris is Disneyland. It is visited annually by about 13 million people, while the Louvre (the most visited museum in the world) and the Eiffel Tower are visited by approximately 5 million foreigners per year.

Paris is the world leader in the number of restaurants awarded five Michelin stars.

The Eiffel Tower was supposed to be demolished 20 years after construction, but first it was installed radio antennas, and then the construction began to attract crowds of tourists to the city – then the talk of demolition finally came to an end.

Famous writers Alexander Dumas and Guy de Maupassant, as well as the architect of the Parisian opera Charles Garnier and other famous people at one time signed a petition in which it was claimed that the Eiffel Tower disfigured the image of Paris.

According to statistics, there are more dogs in Paris than children – so Parisians like to start pets. Many Paris restaurants allow customers to bring their dogs with them.

In Paris there is such an extensive metro scheme that from anywhere in the city the path to the nearest station will not exceed 500 meters.

In Paris, you can drink water from the tap without harm to health.

Paris was one of the first cities in the world where streetlights were installed.

In Paris, the oldest pet cemetery is located on the planet. It appeared at the end of the XIX century, when the authorities forbade the bodies of dead pets to be thrown out onto the street.

In Paris there was the first public transport route in the world – this happened back in the middle of the XVII century.

Paris is the birthplace of striptease, as the first dance with full exposure took place during a student’s party at the Moulin Rouge cabaret.

Since the installation of the Eiffel Tower, scammers have managed to sell it to their trusting victims several dozen times.

In the center of Paris, on the roofs of many houses, beehive hives are beached – only about 300. They say that the capital’s insects give more honey than their village counterparts.

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was first discovered and studied at the Paris Institute of Pasteur in the early 1980s.

The Paris street Degre has a length of only 5.75 meters and is an ordinary staircase.

The Paris cinema Le Grand Rex, capable of simultaneously accommodating up to 2650 people, is considered the largest in Europe.

The oldest square in Paris – the Place des Vosges – appeared at the beginning of the XVII century and over the centuries its appearance has not changed much.

A long loaf with a crispy crust, now known around the world as a baguette, was invented by the bakers of Paris.

Every day in the streets of Paris, about a dozen films or series are shot.

There are about 40 Paris around the world. Most of them are small towns in the USA. In Russia, by the way, there is also Paris, located in the Chelyabinsk region.