Interesting facts about pine

Pine is an amazing tree of great industrial importance. What does not she even do! In Russia, for example, it is the pine that is the most important tree, which is used everywhere in various fields, from construction and mining to pencil production.

In total there are about 200 species of pines in the world, about 90 of them grow in Russia.

The most numerous tree in Russia is pine.

Pine and its derivatives are used in medicine.

In nature, pines are found only in the Northern Hemisphere.

Valuable stone is amber – frozen resin of ancient pines.

From pine wood, artificial silk and artificial leather are made.

In Latin, the name of the pine sounds like “pinus”, which translates as “rock”. This name entrenched this amazing tree because of its ability to cling to its roots and survive even on bare rocks.

The highest pine – Lambert pine, grow in North America and grow to a height of 70-80 meters.

The South Asian pine Bunge has a white bark.

The longest needles of all coniferous trees – in the marsh pine, they reach a length of 45 centimeters.