Interesting facts about pneumatic tube mail

Pneumatic mail is an invention currently not used anywhere. Its essence lies in the fact that paper messages, packed in capsules, are quickly delivered to the destination by pipes using compressed air. Once this invention could be called revolutionary, but now, in the era of the Internet and e-mail, air mail for obvious reasons has disappeared. However, because of the complexity of the design of great popularity, she did not use before.

Pneumatic mail as a means of postal communication was proposed in the distant 1667 by a physicist from France Deni Papen.

In the XIX century, seriously worked out a plan for the construction of air mail, with the help of which letters from London could be received in Paris in an hour and a half. This idea was actively developed by the French engineer Jean-Baptiste Berlier.

On the ANT-20 “Maxim Gorky” aircraft, pneumatic mail was used. It was connected with the huge dimensions of the aircraft.

In the animated series “Futurama” on the Earth in the year 3000, pneumatic mail is actively used. True, it does not deliver parcels, but for people. However, parcels – too. In practice, this, of course, can not be realized.

Prague became the last city in which pneumatic mail functioned. It was closed in 2002.

Pneumatic mail has become one of the most striking attributes of steampunk along with a steam engine, a typewriter, an airship, and a telegraph.