Interesting facts about Poland

Poland is an Eastern European country that is famous for its unusual for Russian rumor language and huge portions of food in cafes and restaurants. On Polish lands at different times there were different state formations, and modern Poland was born at the beginning of the last century. Its borders changed many times and were reshaped during the 20th century, but since the end of the Second World War, the situation has finally settled.

“Simply” means “straight” in Polish. In this language, in general, there are enough words consonant with the Russians, but having a completely different meaning.

The most popular sport in Poland is football.

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, after which it was rebuilt practically from scratch.

Abortion in Poland is prohibited by law.

There are more theaters in Poland than cinemas.

Almost all Poles know not only Polish, but also English.

The most popular dessert in Polish cuisine is gingerbread.

In Warsaw there is a street named Winnie the Pooh.

About a third of the Polish territory is occupied by forests.

Poland is a nuclear-free country, there is not a single nuclear power plant here.

About a quarter of all white storks in the world live in Poland.

The second city in the world in terms of the number of Poles residing in it is Chicago, USA.

Polish cuisine in general is very similar to Russian.

Ecology in Poland is at a good level. In the city parks there is a lot of squirrels, and flocks of seagulls circle over the rivers.

No festive table in Poland is unthinkable without soup.

According to Polish law, no one is obliged to work on Christmas, therefore, for Christmas holidays, everything is usually closed here.

Poland opposes the laws on censorship on the Internet.

In Poland there are no homeless animals, just like in New Zealand or Italy.

Public transport in Poland is well developed. In all cities there are even night bus routes.

Poles call the yellow traffic light orange.