Interesting facts about pumpkin

Pumpkin is not only an indispensable attribute of Halloween, it is also a nutritious product that has long been firmly entrenched in the diet of many peoples. People cultivate different varieties of pumpkin for an extremely long time, and the number of dishes that can be cooked on the basis of this vegetable is truly enormous.

Pumpkins appeared on Earth about 5 thousand years ago, and by now there are more than 50 of its varieties.

The native land of a pumpkin scientists consider Mexico, where it grows from 3 millennium BC.

In ancient times in Ukraine the pumpkin was part of the matchmaking – an orange fruit was given to unenviable fiances.

Pumpkin is extremely uncomfortable with the conditions in which it is to grow – this crop is successfully grown around the globe, with the exception of Antarctica.

Pumpkin is a kind of “elixir of youth” due to the contained in it vitamins A and E, which allows to fight with signs of aging.

The pumpkin also contains vitamin T, which helps the body absorb heavy food, which makes it an excellent side dish.

Due to the record content of iron among vegetables, pumpkin can help in the fight against anemia.

In ancient times, pumpkin seeds were part of the love potions, as it was believed that they have a beneficial effect on male sexuality.

Pumpkin flowers are not only beautiful, but also quite edible.

Raw pumpkin seeds, as experts in traditional medicine say, help pregnant women from toxicosis. Oil from pumpkin seeds is also considered medicinal.

Pumpkin juice is a natural hypnotic.

The world capital of pumpkins is the American city of Morton, located in Illinois.

Pumpkins can be not only orange, but also blue, white or green.

Indians made mats from strips of dried pumkin.

In Africa, pumpkins are often used as motorcycle helmets.

Pumpkin flesh can relieve pain with burns.

Kirghiz make pumpkin from a pumpkin to store kumys, which allows this drink to remain fresh for a long time.

In Japan there is a national pumpkin festival.

In China, a pumpkin is considered a mystical talisman, capable of absorbing the forces of evil and protecting their owner from them.

Pumpkin juice is a wonderful antioxidant.