Interesting facts about quartz

Quartz is an extremely widespread mineral on the Earth, found everywhere in all corners of the planet. However, the word “quartz” refers to a variety of different minerals that have a similar structure and similar properties – different types of this stone. Some of the bottoms are actively used in various fields of industry, including jewelry.

Quartz – one of the most common minerals in the bark of our planet.

Its name was derived from the German word (more precisely, the words from one of the German dialects), meaning “solid”.

Such popular stones as amethyst and citrine, too, strictly speaking, are quartz.

In pure, uncomplicated form, quartz is always either transparent or white.

Often found crystals of quartz, symmetrically intergrown with each other, and all parts are absolutely identical to each other. Nature is an amazing thing.

Quartz can be used in the production of glass.

Under certain conditions that develop in the earth’s crust, quartz can be separated from granitic rocks.

Quartz can be synthesized artificially, and such a stone will be cleaner and more beautiful than natural, in no way inferior to it. A beautiful blue quartz can be created only in this way – in nature it does not occur.