Interesting facts about Romania

Located in South-Eastern Europe, Romania is not only the birthplace of the semi-mythical Count Dracula, it is also beautiful mountains, pristine forests, clean rivers and much, much more. On the territory of Romania, preserved a huge number of monuments of architecture, which are only castles! Definitely, Romania deserves to be here.

Romania did not move to the euro after joining the European Union, retaining its previous currency – the Romanian leu.

The overwhelming majority of Romanians are Orthodox Christians.

The castle of Vlad Tepes (Count Dracula) exists. It is located in Transylvania, in Bran.

The most popular sport in Romania is football.

The fountain pen was invented by the Romanian student Poenar during his studies in Paris.

The first European city, where electric street lighting appeared, was the Romanian city of Timisoara.

The Romanian language is very similar to the Moldovan language.

The narrowest street in Europe, about a meter in width, is in Romania, in the city of Brasov.

The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest is the largest parliament building in the world.

The second largest glacier in Europe is located exactly in Romania. It’s called Scarisara.

The largest Gothic church in the world is in Romania, in the same Brasov. It was built almost a hundred years at the turn of the 14-15 centuries.

The basis of most dishes of Romanian cuisine is lamb.