Interesting facts about sable

The sable is a fluffy forest predator, the closest relative of a marten. This intelligent animal is distinguished by mobility, vigor and fervent temper. Unfortunately, his thick fur coat put him in jeopardy – the predatory destruction of sable by poachers affects his population in the most unfavorable way. Fortunately, in recent years, measures have been taken to protect sables from incessant hunting for them.

Sable dwells mainly in the taiga, its elements – the forest. Moreover, the limits of taiga forests sable never leaves.

For its modest size sable is extremely strong.

Sable do not usually run, but jump – this way of moving is more habitual for them.

In length, the body of an adult sable rarely exceeds half a meter without taking into account the tail.

Sable are able to run on loose snow, not burying in it.

Sable eat with pleasure protein. Every year they destroy several million of these animals.

It is found in the wild nature of sable in only two countries – in Russia and in Japan.

Sable beautifully climb trees.

Sable – a predator, he hunts for everyone who is smaller than his size. Often victims of sables are mice.

In addition to meat, sables love to feast on honey, for what they ruin bee hives. However, they themselves also eat bees. True, since the bee swarm is a danger to the sables, they prefer to raid the hives in the winter.

Sable can interbreed with their cousins. The result of such ties are the animals Kidas.

Sable is a famous purse. In his shelter is always clean, because he periodically cleanses the remains of meals, and he goes to the toilet somewhere far away from his house.

Sable do not know how to build nests on their own, but they perfectly adapt and “equip” natural shelters for habitation – crevices in rocks, abandoned burrows and the like.

Sable is quite easy to tame.

Because of the barbaric extermination, sables are listed in the Red Book.