Interesting facts about Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali is an odious personality that has left a mark on history. The famous Spanish artist became famous all over the world not only for his surrealistic pictures, but also for his extremely eccentric, outrageous behavior. Simply by appearing somewhere to him, apparently, always seemed unbearably boring, so the maestro tirelessly came up with more and more ways to shock others.

Maestro was able not only to draw – he was also an inventor. In particular, he invented the car – a vehicle in the form of a transparent ball with a seat inside. In 1959, he shocked the Parisian public, appearing in the public car in public.

In 1975, Dali released his film – “Impressions from Upper Mongolia”. Watch this masterpiece of the art house, however, only the strength of the critics, who are not accustomed to this.

First appeared in New York in 1934, Salvador Dali carried a two-meter long loaf of bread under his arm.

During his lifetime, Dali repeatedly declared himself adherent to one, then another, then the third political trend.

Once the maestro sent an innocuous, at first glance, full satire “between the lines” telegram to the Romanian dictator Ceausescu, in which he supposedly supported him. The Romanian side did not notice the dirty trick and published a telegram in the newspaper.

Dali collaborated with the famous fashion designer Christian Dior, together with whom in 1950 they created a “suit for the year 2045”.

His painting “The permanence of memory,” also known as the “Soft Clock”, Dali came up with, looking at a piece of cheese melting from the heat.

Salvador Dali was afraid of grasshoppers.

His first painting was written by the maestro at the age of ten.

Due to violent and inadequate behavior, Dali was discharged from school at the age of fifteen.

Once Dali came to a social event in a diving suit.

It was they who gave the world famous logo of candies on a stick “Chupa-Chups”. And he did not take money for this, asking in return for work every day to bring him a box of candy.

Dali occasionally quite joked jokes – he came to a place where people walk with children, took out a scattering of sweets, unwrapped them, licked them and threw them to the ground, teasing the kids. Here are such unkind rallies.

The maestro liked to sleep, sitting on a chair, taking in his hand a heavy key and putting a plate with his key. When he finally fell asleep, his fingers unclenched, the key fell into the plate, and the rattling woke Dali. He argued that from this awakening the most fresh creative ideas come to him.

The body of Salvador DalĂ­ is walled in the wall of the Dali museum in Figueres. This was the last will of the eccentric artist.

There was such a cunning behind the maestro-it happened, after dinner in the restaurant he offered to pay for the whole company, but he did not pay in cash, but wrote out a check. On the one hand, he, as expected, put on the painting, and on the other wrote a few words of gratitude. The calculation was simple – usually the owners of the establishments did not dare cash the check, because they assumed that over time it would become invaluable, because it inscribed good words from the very Salvador Dali, already famous at that time. Well, an enterprising artist has saved a lot of money on this.

One of the craters on the planet Mercury bears the name of this unique artist.