Interesting facts about Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a small West African state, the average Russian is almost unknown. Tourism in these parts is not too developed, and a severe African climate with a debilitating heat is not everyone’s teeth. However, in Sierra Leone there is something to see – at a minimum, monuments of the times of the colonial era.

The capital of Sierra Leone is called “Freetown”, that is, “Free City” in English. The ironic fact is that the city is located on the site where once one of the largest slave markets in West Africa was located.

In Sierra Leone, the temperature never fell below +19 degrees. However, there is no horrible heat here either – usually the thermometer does not rise above +35 degrees in summer.

Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the UK, in 2007, was awarded the title of Supreme Leader of Sierra Leone.

In the depths of Sierra Leone, many natural resources are hidden, which, however, does not prevent this country from remaining one of the poorest in the world, on a par with Djibouti and Vanuatu.

The official language of Sierra Leone is English, with few people talking on it. But here in the course of several dozen dialects of local tribes.

Most of the inhabitants of this country are Muslims, but about a third of the population remains adherents of traditional African cults.

In the Sierra Leone countryside, crocodiles are a real threat. In addition, the rivers in this country are not African in a lot.

More than half of the population of Sierra Leone still does not know how to read or write.

The national cuisine of Sierra Leone is completely devoid of meat.

The local currency is called “leone.” One leone is divided into one hundred cents.

Internet in the country is completely undeveloped. In the capital, Freetown, there are several Internet cafes, and this, perhaps, is all.