Interesting facts about Slovakia

Slovakia is a European country that once represented a whole with the Czech Republic. Since the ways of these two countries have dispersed, the differences between them have become more visible – Slovakia is more like neighboring Austria than the brotherly Czech Republic.

In Slovakia there are no very large cities. Even in Bratislava, there are only half a million people, and megacities of a million people in this country can not be found at all. Just like, for example, in Lithuania.

Until 1945 in Vienna from Bratislava it was possible to get on a simple tram, and today ordinary commuter trains run between them.

Bratislava borders at once with two countries – Austria and Hungary. It is the only capital in the world with such an unusual location.

New Year’s holidays in Slovakia begin on December 5th, and instead of the usual kind grandfather with a beard around the country, the Krampus (devils) roam. And Saint Nicholas comes only the next day.

In this country in the 16th century lived the infamous Countess Bathory, famous for bloody murders. She is considered the most terrible European maniac among women, she was even brought in the Guinness Book of Records as a serial killer No. 1. They say that along her corridors the Chakhtinsky castle is still haunted by her unconcerned spirit.

In the church of St. Jakub curious tourists can find the largest wooden altar in the world. It is more than 18 meters in height and more than 6 meters in width.

It is believed that in the Slovak city of Kremnitz, more precisely, in the church of John the Baptist, the geographical center of all Europe is located. And the Slovaks are ready to prove it!

Located in Kosice, the Gerlian geyser is the only source of cold artesian water in Europe. It erupts about once every two days, more precisely, after 32-36 hours.

In Slovakia there is a village, which was divided into two in the revision of borders – it is Selmentsy. Earlier, the second half was located on the territory of the USSR, today – in Ukraine.

Once the king of Madagascar was … a Slovak, Count Moritz Benevsky. True, not for long.

In honor of Slovakia, the heavenly body is called the asteroid 1807.

In the army of Slovakia there are only 14 thousand military men.

One of the Slovak bars, “Lingo”, is known to smokers around the world: its walls are adorned with almost 4,000 lighters.

A peculiar local symbol is a dog of the Chuvach breed, which since ancient times was used to graze herds in the mountains.

Slovakia is also known in the world because of hockey – its fans are known to all fans of this sport, and the “Hockey Hall of Fame” in Bratislava is a must in the program of excursions around the city.