Interesting facts about smog

Smog is a real disaster of modern civilization. His dirty, untidy hats are heavily overhanging all the major cities, adversely affecting not only the health of people, but also the ecology in the entire region. Smog is a consequence of our life activity, in particular, air pollution, and, unfortunately, at present there are no solutions that would help to cope with this problem.

Modern cities are designed so that they are blown by the winds, but all the old cities were built without regard for this factor – after all, smog was not there yet. Therefore, the old megacities in this respect are most unfavorable.

Because of the smog, twilight comes earlier than they could.

The most polluted city is Beijing, the capital of China. In some areas of the city, people here prefer to walk in respiratory masks. Actively sold and containers with compressed clean air, which is easy and pleasant to breathe.

The main source of replenishment smog – exhaust gases of cars.

Smog destroys not only the human body, but also buildings. Simply, this process can not be called rapid, but it is.

According to the UN studies, every year because of smog, premature death of approximately two million people occurs.

The tops of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers can often not be seen because of the smog that envelops them.

Smog has a negative impact on the greenhouse effect.

In 1952, in London, the massive burning of coal led to an event known as the Great London smog, when visibility fell to half a meter. More than twelve thousand people became victims of smog.