Interesting facts about South Africa

The South African Republic, or South Africa, is the most developed country on the African continent, and also one of the most diverse from an ethnic point of view. Even sometimes, South Africa is called “Rainbow Country”, referring to the national diversity of the local multicultural society.

South Africa – the only African country of the existing, in which there has never been a single coup.

In South Africa, eleven languages ​​have official status. One of them is English. the rest – the languages ​​of local nationalities.

South Africa has three capitals – administrative, legislative and judicial.

The national currency of the country is the South African rand. The name of this money comes from the name of the Witwatersrand mountain range. The seven rands are approximately one dollar.

The highest point in South Africa is Mount Njesuti, towering to a height of 3410 meters.

On the south-west coast of the country the climate is almost identical to the Mediterranean.

About ten percent of the population of South Africa are white, not wishing to emigrate from the country after the fall of the apartheid regime.

The most common language in South Africa is Afrikaans. It is surprisingly similar to the Flemish, which is widespread in Belgium.

In every city in South Africa there are dangerous areas that even the police avoid.

Bribery at the domestic level in South Africa is not. Trying to give a bribe, for example, a policeman is not even worth it.

Less than half of the population of South Africa does not have a driver’s license.

The basis of the South African cuisine is meat.

The largest trace left on the Earth by the meteorite is in South Africa.

The culture of driving on South African roads is at a surprisingly high level, especially for Africa.

Among the population of South Africa there are Slavic names, and more often than you expect.

Gasoline in South Africa is partly produced from coal.

In South Africa, many diamonds are mined, the depth of some diamond mines reaches six kilometers.

In most of the country you can safely drink tap water.

The most popular sports in South Africa are cricket, football and rugby.

The mentality of South Africans is somewhat similar to Russian. If, for example, he translate an anecdote from Russian into Afrikaans, they will understand humor and laugh.

Every fifth inhabitant of South Africa does not have a job.

The world’s first heart transplantation operation was conducted here by the South African surgeon.

The average life expectancy in South Africa is 49 years, but it is constantly growing. Fifteen years ago, she was 43 years old.

More than 28,000 schools operate in South Africa.