Interesting facts about South Korea

South Korea is one of the most developed Asian states. This country is one of the world’s major suppliers of computer equipment, along with a mighty China. It is located next to the most closed state in the world – North Korea. The country was divided in the course of civil conflict, and so much time has passed since then that the northern and southern Koreans can rightfully be considered already different, albeit related, peoples.

Koreans believe that the founder of their country was the son of a woman and a bear.

Residents of South Korea, according to official figures, have the highest level of intelligence among the entire population of the Earth.

In South Korea is the most visited Christian temple in the world – the Church of the Full Gospel receives about 20 thousand parishioners weekly.

South Korea is one of the five largest automakers in the world, and also ranks first in construction of ships.

Employees of the National University of Seoul were the first scientists who managed to clone a dog.

On the territory of South Korea there was a place for more than two dozen national parks.

The largest structure on the Korean peninsula is the residence of the President of South Korea, which is called the “Blue House”.

The competition in video games, like the very concept of “cybersport”, arose in South Korea.

Korea – the birthplace of the martial art of Taekwondo.

Residents of South Korea are not indifferent to alcohol, in the local cuisine even there is a special “hangover soup” on the pork broth. Drinking alcoholic beverages is accompanied by a lot of conventions – for example, adding alcohol to your glass is indecent, and the first one from the company is necessarily drunk by someone older in age.

South Koreans are extremely negative about red ink – it is believed that if the red color to write the name of a person, it is in the near future waiting for misfortune or even death. The reason for this superstition is that the names of the dead on the gravestones used to be red in the past.

In South Korea, there is a special culture of handshakes, according to which one’s hands can be greeted only with peers or friends, and for greeting people of respected or senior in age, it is necessary to use two hands and slightly bow.

In South Korea, private educational institutions are widely distributed, the quality of education in which is very high. Parents of South Korean schoolchildren spend annually on the education of their offspring 17 billion dollars. A teacher is a prestigious profession, a really good teacher in a private school can earn several million a year.

Despite external prosperity, South Korea has the highest percentage of suicides in the world.

In the city of Suwon there is an unusual amusement park, completely dedicated to the toilets. You can visit this place for free.

In South Korea, plastic surgery is very popular – many parents give their daughters to the end of the school a trip to the surgeon. One of the latest fashion trends is the artificial lifting of the corners of the lips, which creates the illusion of a constant light smile.

In South Korea, they conduct their own bullfights, only bulls do not fight with people, but with their own kind. The battle is considered to be over when one of the animals leaves the arena.

South Korean scientists have developed a special robot to combat jellyfish that interfere with fishing and leisure tourists.

Almost the entire population of South Korea (90%) since birth has some vision problems.

South Koreans believe that the essence of a person is closely related to his blood group. Based on this indicator, it is often decided whether the marriage is successful or unsuccessful.

In South Korea has its own system of calculating the age of a man – in this country it is customary to count the year spent by the child in the womb, and then add the age at each calendar change of the year.

The most common Korean surname is Kim.

Korean Cha Sa Sun was able to pass the theoretical part of the exam for obtaining a driver’s license after 950 unsuccessful attempts. When she finally achieved success, she was 69 years old.