Interesting facts about speed

Speed ​​intoxicates many people. Many famous racers call their profession the meaning of life, but the feeling that a person experiences at the peak of speed is the most amazing feeling that one can experience. A lot of reckless brave men risk their lives, trying to set new speed records and beat previous indicators.

The greatest known speed is the speed of light.

The International Space Station is moving in orbit at a speed of about 27,700 kilometers per hour.

Molecules of boiling water move at a speed of about 650 meters per second.

The speed of the flight of a golf ball immediately after an impact is on average 250-270 km / h.

The slowest mammal in the world is a sloth. It moves at a speed of about two meters per minute.

The highest speed ever achieved by a person is 39897 km / h. It was developed by astronauts in the module “Apollo-10” upon returning to Earth.

The fastest living thing on our planet is the peregrine falcon. It dives for production at speeds up to 322 km / h.

Cork from a bottle of champagne crashes at a speed of up to 50 km / h.

The speed of crack propagation along the glass is about 5000 km / h.

The strongest winds on Earth blow in Antarctica, in the Victoria Valley. The wind speed there reaches 215 meters per second.

The fastest land creature is a cheetah, capable of developing at short distances a speed of up to 96 km / h.

The maximum speed ever reached by a running man is 48.7 km / h.

Bears grizzly can run at speeds up to 60 km / h, which is comparable with the speed of a good racehorse.

The fastest fish is a sailfish that develops speed up to 100 km / h.

The fastest motorcycle in the world is the modified Suzuki Hayabusa. He accelerated to a speed of 502 km / h.

The fastest production car is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which develops a speed of 431 km / h.

The speed record for cars as a whole was established in 1997, when British racer Andy Green in a Thrust SSC jet car accelerated to 1,227 km / h, breaking the sound barrier.

The fastest aircraft in the world is the experimental drone X-43A, which develops an astounding speed of 11200 km / h.