Interesting facts about Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a South Asian republic located on the same island. Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, Sri Lanka is an independent state, and not part of India. However, certain similarities between these countries still trace, despite the fact that India has long been an English colony, and Sri Lanka – Portuguese (however, English – too, but before).

The name “Sri Lanka” is translated as “Blessed Land”.

Sri Lanka has two capitals – one official, the second – the actual one.

Sri Lanka is a country of bilingualists, most of the population here speaks two languages, Tamil and Sinhalese. Interestingly, Sinhala is only spoken in this country.

In Sri Lanka, there are about seven hundred and fifty species of herbs, so traditional medicine is very popular here.

About 14 percent of Sri Lanka’s territory is occupied by parks and reserves.

The most popular sport in Sri Lanka is cricket.

The days of the full moon in Sri Lanka are a weekend, on a par with Saturday and Sunday.

The people of Sri Lanka are equally enthusiastic about Christian, Muslim and Buddhist celebrations.

The national symbol of Sri Lanka is the star lotus.

Sri Lanka is the birthplace of the famous Ceylon tea. Because until 1872 the island of Sri Lanka was called “Ceylon.” By the way, about one-tenth of all world production of tea falls on this country.

About 70% of Lankans are adherents of Buddhism.

Trains in Sri Lanka do not close the doors while driving. However, they also travel very slowly because of their old age and the mediocre quality of the railway as a whole.

In Sri Lanka all year round, approximately the same temperature, plus or minus five degrees.

Many services for tourists in Sri Lanka are voiced without taking into account taxes, which will amount to about 10 percent of the amount.

Unlike other Asian countries, traders in Sri Lanka are extremely reluctant to trade.

In Sri Lanka, ice cream and yoghurts are extremely popular, and the latter are usually sold not in plastic cups, but in clay pots.

Smoking in public places in Sri Lanka is prohibited and is subject to a fine.