Interesting facts about state Texas

The American state of Texas is an extremely colorful place. To many, it seems like a kind of prairie of the times of mastering the Wild West, with stern men in cowboy hats and a rolling-field in the streets. Of course, modern Texas does not look like the picture described above, but, nevertheless, this place is very rich in cultural and historical traditions, and in general it is quite different from other US states, being a kind of cocktail from the customs of the US and Mexico.

Texas was an independent state for nine years, from 1936 to 1945.

The unofficially romantic name of Texas is “the staff of a lonely star.”

Among all US states, Texas ranks first in the production of wool and cotton, as well as in oil production.

The name “Texas” is correctly pronounced as “Texas”, but in Russian “Texas” got accustomed.

Texas is the second largest state in the US. The first is Alaska.

Once the territory of modern Texas was for the most part part of Mexico, but it went to the Americans following the results of the American-Mexican war.

The Hispanic population in Texas is already greater than the English-speaking population. Many speak the so-called “spanglish” – a bizarre dialect, consisting of a mixture of English and Spanish.

Today, many Texas politicians are demanding the secession of Texas from the United States and recognition of its independence.

Texas is more than any European country.

Texas holds the first place among all the states by the number of airports.

In Texas, citizens can legally acquire virtually any weapon. More than thirty thousand have been registered in Texas alone.

Three of the ten most populous American cities are located exactly in Texas.

Rodeo in Texas has the status of an official sport.

The world’s first hamburger was cooked in Texas.

Tales about the severity of the inhabitants of Texas are not entirely groundless. So, in 1996, a Texan, being bitten by a poisonous coral snake, bit off his head and used a snake as a tourniquet to avoid the spread of poison through the body.

The fastest in the US road is in Texas. The speed limit for it is 85 miles per hour (about 140 km / h).

The safest of the million-strong cities in the United States is the Texas city of El Paso. It is interesting that El Paso stands on the bank of the river, and opposite it, on the opposite shore, is Juarez, the most dangerous of the cities of Mexico.

Texas is the second most populous American state.