Interesting facts about Suvorov

Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov is a Russian commander and commander, whose battles are still studied in history lessons in many countries. This amazing man possessed an unprepossessing, not memorable appearance, but he had an extremely powerful mind, the mind of a real strategist. It is not surprising that a figure of this magnitude left a notable mark in the history of world wars.

When Suvorov was still a simple soldier, Empress Catherine gave him a silver ruble. Suvorov kept him all his life.

Suvorov is the only commander in the world who has not lost a single battle.

During the years of service, Suvorov was awarded with all orders, which in general were awarded to the officers of the Russian Empire of that time.

To serve in the army Suvorov spurred Pushkin’s great-grandfather.

Suvorov kept at his own expense soldiers with disabilities who suffered during the war.

All his life Suvorov was an ascetic – he lived in Spartan conditions, hardened with cold water and ran in the morning.

Suvorov married only at the age of 44, and then at the insistence of his father. He believed that a woman could interfere with his main business – military service. In this he reminds a little of the brilliant scientist Nicola Tesla, who did not marry for similar reasons.

Each time before the battle, Suvorov put on a white shirt.

At the request of Suvorov, on his tombstone, only three words are written: “Here lies Suvorov”.

Suvorov taught foreign languages ​​during his morning jogs.