Interesting facts about Swaziland

The Kingdom of Swaziland is an extremely small state in the south of the African continent. It does not manifest itself in world politics, and tourists bypass it, so for the average citizen this country remains a white spot on the map. Nevertheless, this small corner of our beautiful planet is very interesting in its own way.

Swaziland is the owner of very fertile land. Three quarters of the entire territory of this country is well suited for agriculture.

In Swaziland, two capitals – Mbabane and Lobamba.

This country is ruled by the king, but his power is partially limited by the parliament.

Independence from Great Britain Swaziland found in 1968.

Swaziland borders only two countries – Mozambique and South Africa.

The army of Swaziland has never participated in any military conflicts outside the country.

In terms of HIV infection, Swaziland ranks first in the world.

Three-quarters of the population of Swaziland lives outside the cities.

Swaziland has two official languages ​​- Swazi and English.

With medicine, the situation in Swaziland is quite sad – for the whole country there are only about two dozen hospitals.

Almost half of all residents of Swaziland are under the age of fourteen.

On the territory of Swaziland, there are many different peoples, but Swazis predominate among them, accounting for about 90 percent of the population.

About 40% of the inhabitants of Swaziland do not have a job.

The local currency is called “lilangeni”.

Education in Swaziland is free, but about 20% of the country’s population is still illiterate.