Interesting facts about Sweden

Sweden is a small country located in the north of Europe. Along with neighboring countries, it is considered one of the most prosperous, and for good reason – the standard of living here is really very high, as, indeed, prices. Stability and confidence in the future – that’s what attracts immigrants who are looking for a better life. Tourists are attracted mainly to the carefully guarded Swedish nature and rich cultural and historical heritage of this country, the birthplace of the Vikings.

This country is one of the few in which the monarchy has survived. Sweden is ruled by the king, at least nominally – in fact everything is decided by parliament, just like in the UK.

The language here is one – Swedish, but in fact it consists of several dozen different dialects, so people in different parts of the country speak a little differently.

To cook at home, most Swedes are lazy, so cafes and fast food here are very popular.

Sweden is the first country in the world where commercial cellular communication has appeared.

The palace of the royal dynasty in Stockholm, the Swedish capital is the largest of the royal palaces now used in the world, it has more than 550 rooms. Yes, it is more than the famous sultans and emirs of Oman, the Arab Emirates and Brunei.

Fitness and amateur sports are very popular here, so many people here look much younger than their years.

Many Swedes are wary of Russia and the Russians because of the “Russian mafia”.

Dentistry for all citizens of the country who are not yet twenty years old is free of charge.

Matches were invented in Sweden.

Swedes – one of the most law-abiding motorists in Europe, along with the Finns. It is in these two countries that the rules of the road are most rarely violated.

Sweden became the first country in which the census was conducted. This event happened in the distant 1949.

Almost all Swedes speak good English.

Foreigners in Sweden can study Swedish for free.

In Swedish buses you can easily see the trash can. Yes, they care about cleanliness.

Each apartment building in Sweden has its own laundry, so no one in the apartment usually has washing machines.

Sweden has not entered any war for more than two centuries.

Tea in this country is not very popular, which can not be said about coffee.