Interesting facts about Syria

Syria is an ancient state. More precisely, the modern Syrian statehood is less than a hundred years old, but people lived in these parts thousands of years ago. There are countless ancient monuments of culture and history on Syrian soil. Unfortunately, since 2011, this country has been practically torn to pieces as a result of the civil war, as a result of which millions of Syrians left the country in search of a better life.

Archaeological finds indicate that civilization in the territory of modern Syria was born more than six thousand years ago.

The capital of Syria, the city of Damascus – the oldest operating capitals in the world. It has at least 4,500 years of history. Initially, Damascus was controlled by the pharaohs of Egypt.

School education in Syria is not only free, but also compulsory. However, still about one in six adult Syrian is illiterate.

Syria is a Muslim country, but about a fifth of the population, however, are Christians.

The national currency of Syria is the Syrian pound.

Some Syrian schools teach Russian.

Some houses in the cities of Damascus and Aleppo are more than four hundred years old.

About 9% of the population of Syria are Kurds. This is the largest ethnic group in the world, which does not have its own state.

Two-thirds of the territory of the country is occupied by the Syrian desert.

In Syria, such popular sites as Facebook and YouTube are blocked.

The week in Syria does not begin on Monday, but on Sunday.

Syria still refuses to recognize such a state as Israel. Israel does not even exist on Syrian geographic maps.