Interesting facts about taxes

Taxes are something that any country can exist at the expense of. Of course, no one likes to pay them, but we can regard them as a kind of contribution to the collective property that we all use – the state.

For 27 years in the UK there was a tax on hats.

The famous American gangster Al Capone was arrested precisely for non-payment of taxes.

In some countries, for example, in Japan, the income tax depends on the level of income. Those who earn a little by paying a minimum tax, but for rich people the tax is several times higher.

In the USSR, there was a tax on the lack of children, it was six percent of the salary.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Tibet, which required a lot of money to create the army, there were about two thousand different taxes, including tax on the ears.

The tax law of the United States occupies about two and a half hundred book volumes – more than seventeen thousand pages.

In Malaysia, the import tax on cars from abroad is three hundred percent.

And there is a dust tax in Armenia.

The highest income taxes in the world are in Norway.

Peter I introduced a tax on his beard during his reign.

In Switzerland, the tax on noise is taxed by airlines, the fee is charged for each take-off aircraft.

In one of the Indian cities under the windows of malicious tax evaders, drums are beaten at night.

Tax accounting in Sweden has been diligently conducted since the time of the Vikings. In this country in general a very quivering attitude to taxation.

In Japan, there is a tax on keeping a dog house.

In Italy, the number of heart attacks increases on the last day of filing a tax return.

In the 12th century, there was a tax on cowardice in England. Everyone paid it who did not want to go to war.