Interesting facts about the air

Is it possible to imagine life without air? Of course, no, because we breathe all our life, from birth to death. For us, people, breathing is a reflex, we do not think about breathing, we just do it. Can there be something more pleasant than straightening up your shoulders and inhaling the pure mountain or sea air in a full breast? Deep breath – and your lungs fill the life-giving force …

About a quarter of all the air we absorb is fed to the brain.

On average, an adult consumes about twenty kilograms of air daily.

The taiga is called the “green lungs of the planet”, since it is these woodlands that produce the lion’s share of oxygen.

Supercar Bugatti Veyron at the peak speed for a minute consumes the same amount of air as a person, a week.

Nitrogen in the air at times more than oxygen.

The higher, the less oxygen in the air. At the tops of high mountains of oxygen is notably not enough. For example, the oxygen content in the air at the height of the summit of Mount Everest is seventy percent below normal.

Every day a person makes an average of twenty-two thousand breaths and exhalations.

At great depth, air has an intoxicating effect on man. At a high altitude, a similar effect is observed.

The air in the room is on the average thirty times dirtier than on the street, even if it is not a very clean city.

The country with the cleanest air is Switzerland, and with the dirtiest – China.