Interesting facts about the animals of the Black Sea

The Black Sea seems so native to many Russians. warm and familiar … Many families go here to relax from year to year, but still few people realize how many amazing and sometimes even frightening creatures dwell in the Black Sea depths.

In total, two and a half thousand species of living creatures live in the Black Sea. This is a bit – for example, in the Mediterranean Sea there are about nine thousand species.

The predatory mollusc of rapana was once brought by ships to the waters of the Black Sea from the Far Eastern seas, and it was very well established here.

At the end of summer, the waters of the Black Sea sometimes glow due to phosphorus-containing algae-nosvesvetok.

Of all the animals of the Black Sea, only four species belong to mammals.

Unlike most other seas and oceans, life in the waters of the Black Sea is absent at depths of over two hundred meters. Exceptions are only a few species of bacteria. This is due to the fact that the deep waters of the Black Sea are very rich in hydrogen sulphide.

In the Black Sea, there are sharks. This is katrana, also called prickly sharks. They do not attack a person and generally are of a modest size, but the poisonous spines on their back make them dangerous. Fortunately, these fish are very shy, and they themselves carefully avoid people.

In addition to katran, among the animals of the Black Sea there are other dangerous inhabitants. The most dangerous, perhaps, are the sea dragons – their thorns contain an even stronger poison than the spikes of cathars.

In the Black Sea, there are two different kinds of dolphins.

Also in its waters are found and seals.

In the Black Sea, there are almost no sea stars.

Even in the Black Sea waters are poisonous jellyfish, but for a person they are not dangerous.

Black Sea scorpion, or sea ruff – bottom fish of a very frightening appearance, covered with thorns and outgrowths. Her thorns are poisonous.

A sea cat, or a stingray-tail, is another dangerous representative of the animal world of the Black Sea. By blowing the tail with a poisonous spike on the end, it is capable of causing a deep wound.