Interesting facts about the Black Sea

The Black Sea can be called the most popular and famous among the Russian seas, even more popular than the Sea of ​​Azov. It is here that tens, if not hundreds of thousands of tourists go every year. Black Sea resorts have been famous since the times of the USSR, although mostly in Russia – Turkey, which also has access to the Black Sea, for example, prefers to develop its Mediterranean recreation areas.

The border between Europe and Asia runs exactly along the surface of the Black Sea.

In the waters of the Black Sea, there are dangerous inhabitants. Fortunately, they mostly avoid crowded places – there it is too dirty for them (see the facts about animals of the Black Sea).

One of the ancient names of the Black Sea is the Scythian Sea. And the ancient Greeks called it the Inhospitable Sea. And later they changed his name to Hospitable.

Until now, there is no accurate information regarding the origin of the name of the Black Sea.

At the bottom of the Black Sea there are oil and gas fields.

There are practically no deep inhabitants in the Black Sea due to the fact that water at a depth below 150 meters is extremely saturated with hydrogen sulfide.

In the Black Sea, there are sharks.

About 90% of the total biomass in the Black Sea is jellyfish.

The ecological situation on the Black Sea has long been considered unfavorable because of human activities that pollute the seawater. Alas, the year from year the situation only worsens.

In the legend of the golden fleece, the Argonauts set off for their prey precisely over the Black Sea.

For the first time the Black Sea is mentioned in the annals of the fifth century BC.

In the Black Sea, there are always two huge whirlpools. They, to happiness, are not dangerous.

On August nights the surface of the Black Sea sometimes shines. This glow creates luminous algae – nocturnal.

In the Black Sea, there are seals (see interesting facts about seals).

The Black Sea slowly but surely grows, steadily rising and winning 20-25 centimeters of land from the land every century.

There are ten islands in the Black Sea. For comparison, in the Caribbean Sea there are hundreds of them.