Interesting facts about the Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea is not only clean water and hundreds of beautiful beaches with clean sand. It is the cradle of many civilizations that originated on its islands and the surrounding lands. Interest in him is not surprising – there are few equally beautiful places in the world.

Only two percent of all the islands of the Caribbean Sea are inhabited.

The Caribbean Sea was discovered by chance, when Columbus was looking for a way to India.

The Caribbean Sea is a place where an unbelievable multitude of ethnic groups, nationalities, languages, religions and traditions blended together.

In the Caribbean Sea, there are almost never earthquakes.

Its name was given to the sea because of the indigenous inhabitants of the region, the Indians-Caribs.

The national cuisine of the peoples of the Caribbean has mixed up with many others. for example, on the island of Barbados in honor of roasted flying fish.

The speed of hurricanes, sometimes sweeping over the Caribbean Sea, can exceed 120 kilometers per hour.

In the 17-18 centuries, the Caribbean Sea served as a haven for a huge number of pirates of all stripes.

Due to its climate, the resorts of the Caribbean are rightfully considered to be among the best in the world.

In the Caribbean Sea, there are two states with similar names, which are often confused – Dominica and Dominican Republic.

The average depth of the Caribbean Sea is two and a half kilometers.

According to approximate calculations, at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea are several tens of thousands of sunken ships.

The massive demand for the independence of the Caribbean colonies from European countries began in the 19th century.

Once the Caribbean Sea was separated from the ocean by a land plot.