Interesting facts about the cities of Russia

Russia is large and vast, and on its territory there is a huge number of settlements – cities and villages, villages and villages … They are as diverse as Russian nature, and among all these cities and towns it is difficult to find two identical. We have collected for you a selection of interesting facts about Russian cities.

The largest city in Russia is, of course, Moscow. However, this is not surprising.

The smallest city in Russia (namely the city, and not just a populated place) is Chekalin, which is in the Tula region.

The largest city in terms of population – again Moscow. It also ranks first in terms of population growth.

The northernmost city of Russia is Pevek, located in Chukotka. And the most northern city in the world with a population of more than 100 thousand inhabitants is Norilsk.

The southernmost city of Russia is Derbent, the cultural center of Dagestan.

The cleanest city in Russia is Sarapul, which is in Udmurtia.

The most dirty from the point of view of the ecology of the Russian city is Norilsk.

The city with the least number of sunny days in the year is Yakutsk, on average 223 days annually are overcast.

The city where the rain is most raining is North-Kurilsk.

The warmest Russian city is Sochi, the coldest is Oimyakon. The average annual temperature is calculated.