Interesting facts about the Congo River

The Congo River, which flows mainly through the territory of the country of the same name, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a real miracle of nature. Huge, deep, it slowly rolls its waters along the ancient African continent, providing life to the millions of people who settled on its shores. It is this river that has a huge impact on the ecosystem of not only the surrounding regions, but the whole world.

The Congo River crosses the equator twice and is the only major river in the world that does it.

Congo is the deepest river in the world. In some places its depth exceeds 230 meters.

In the waters of the Congo River there are many different fish, including a real freshwater monster – tiger fish, or goliath. This toothy monster length of a meter and a half, according to local residents, attacks even people.

European researchers first visited the mouth of the Congo River at the end of the 15th century, but they managed to reach the upper reaches of the river only after almost four hundred years.

Congo takes the second place in the world in terms of fullness, yielding the palm of primacy only to the Amazon.

In some places the Congo River has up to 15 kilometers wide.

Local people living on the shores of the Congo believe that huge spirits of death live in its waters.

Most of the water in the Congo falls through the rain.

The Congo River pours so much water into the ocean that it descends about 75 kilometers from the shore.

The length of the Congo takes second place among the African rivers, second only to the mighty Nile.