Interesting facts about the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a European country with a truly unimaginable cultural and historical heritage, which is not limited to medieval castles and countless breweries. Having no warm beaches and not boasting a particularly warm climate, this country invariably attracts a huge, never-ending stream of tourists. And many emigrants look with interest to the Czech Republic …

The Czech Republic has no access to the sea.

Many words in Czech language resemble the Russians, but the similarity is sometimes deceptive – the meanings of these words are completely different. In addition, in the Czech language there are words consisting of only consonants.

Despite the fact that the Czech Republic is a member of the European Union, this country decided not to switch to the euro. Here we still use our own currency – the Czech crown.

Czech Republic, as a country, was born as a result of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993. However, there was always a difference between the peoples inhabiting the Czech Republic and Slovakia (see interesting facts about Slovakia).

In the Czech Republic there are more than two thousand castles.

During the Second World War, no bombs were dropped on Prague.

Almost all cars in the Czech Republic are machines of the Škoda brand.

For the first time, sugar was made and sold in the form of cubes (so familiar to us is the refined sugar) in the territory of modern Czechia.

The Czech Republic firmly holds the world’s first beer consumption per capita.

The most popular sport in the Czech Republic is hockey.

In the Czech Republic in the order of things loudly blow your nose in public – here it is simply not considered something out of the ordinary.

On the roofs of old houses in Prague it is forbidden to put satellite dishes, as they spoil the appearance of the ancient city. For the same reason, it is forbidden to change old windows to modern double-glazed windows.

In Prague, you can safely drink water from the tap – it’s clean.

Among the Czechs very few smokers.

Fruit yogurts were invented in the Czech Republic.

It’s not necessary to visit Czech friends without warning – this is considered an extremely bad form.

Chicken currencies in the Czech Republic vary depending on the day of the week.