Interesting facts about the Dominican Republic

Dominican or Dominican Republic – located on the island of Haiti country, very popular with tourists from all over the world due to its tropical climate and amazing beauty of its imagination nature. It got its name because of the capital – Santo Domingo, and the capital was so named, in its turn, in honor of St. Dominic and the Dominican order.

In the Caribbean, there are two states with similar names – the Dominican Republic and Dominica, and they are often confused.

A big problem for the modern Dominican Republic is the state of Haiti, which shares the same-named island with it. On the extremely poor Haitian part of the island, the ecology is in terrible condition due to uncontrolled deforestation.

Almost 10 million people live in the Dominican Republic.

The national currency of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican peso.

In addition to its part of the island of Haiti, this country also owns many small islands.

Advertising on the streets of Dominican cities is usually not placed in the form of posters – it is painted right on the walls, using paint and stencils.

The famous film “Jurassic Park” was filmed in the Dominican Republic.

During the siesta, midday heat, almost everything is closed in the Dominican Republic, sometimes even restaurants and bars are closed.

Many cars in the Dominican Republic carry advertising on their boards.

Here are very popular lotteries, in the honesty of which almost all Dominicans believe.

On the streets you can easily see how five people ride on one motorcycle. Or six.

Despite the fact that the Dominican Republic is an island country, very many locals do not know how to swim, and in general swimming is unpopular here.

In the Dominican Republic there are no pensions, but the Dominicans are very attached to their relatives, that’s why the old people never go to poverty.

Despite the loud glory of Dominican cigars, the Dominicans themselves in the vast majority do not smoke.

In the Dominican Republic, you can not drink alcohol while driving, that is, go and drink. But the law does not prohibit getting drunk and sitting in such a state behind the wheel.

In Dominican pharmacies, you can buy a rope and a hammer, and in the grocery store – drugs or, for example, an umbrella.

The highest point of the Dominican Republic is Duarte Peak, a height of 3,087 meters.

Dominican Republic is the world’s largest cocoa exporter.

Most Dominicans have curly hair, so hair straightening services are very popular in local hairdressing salons.

The official language of the Dominican Republic is Spanish. In English, almost nobody speaks here, except that the staff in expensive hotels, and then not fact.

The buses of the Dominican Republic are usually very cold due to air conditioners.

All drinks in the Dominican Republic, except for coffee, are consumed with a fair amount of ice.

By the New Year, Dominicans usually begin to prepare in October – decorate Christmas trees, decorate houses.

In the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, there is a metro.

The Dominican Republic recognizes the passport of a citizen of the world.

Police and military personnel do not participate in elections here.

In the windows of village houses there are usually no glass.

There is no centralized hot water supply in the Dominican Republic.