Interesting facts about the Great Arctic Reserve

The Great Arctic Reserve is an amazing, unique place, and there is no other in the world that would be like him. Here the unique northern nature is preserved, there are practically no centers of civilization, primitive, primordial forces of the Earth were ruling here. To visit here definitely costs – such a sea of ​​impressions can be obtained only here.

The Great Arctic Reserve is the largest reserve not only in Russia, but also on our entire continent. In the world, he is the third largest.

This name was given to the reserve for good reason – part of it lies in the arctic tundra, and a part – in the arctic desert.

Up to many parts of the reserve can only be reached by air, and only in good weather, which in these parts is not every day. This is due to its location – the territory of the reserve is located on the shores of the Arctic Ocean and on separate islands.

On the territory of the reserve are found 124 species of birds and grows 162 plant species.

On the territory of the Great Arctic Reserve there are land plots that are not related to it, and are used in industry.

In the reserve there are real polar bears.

Most of the reserve is never visited by people.

The area of ​​the Great Arctic Reserve is comparable to the area of ​​such a country, as, for example, Switzerland.

In summer, tourists can participate in fishing tours, conducted on the Efremov River, flowing through the reserve.