Interesting facts about the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the real wonders of the world, the most grandiose construction ever built by mankind in the history of civilization. Before the scale of this project, even the famous Egyptian pyramids are fading! To see the Great Wall with your own eyes is definitely worth it. At least once in a lifetime.

The construction of the Great Wall of China was begun to protect against the attacks of nomadic Manchus. True, it helped only in part – the Manchus simply bypassed the wall.

According to various sources, during the construction of the Chinese Wall, from four hundred thousand to one million people died. The dead were walled into the wall, so it is the world’s largest cemetery.

The length of the Great Wall is almost 9 thousand kilometers. Around 8852 kilometers, if more precisely. This makes it the largest structure in history.

The average width of the Chinese Wall is about six meters.

The name of one of the largest Chinese automakers, “Great Wall”, is translated from English as “The Great Wall”.

At one end, the Chinese Wall rests on the sea.

As a cement, the Chinese used rice porridge, mixed with lime.

Every year, the Chinese Wall is visited by more than forty million tourists.

Contrary to the widespread myth, the Wall is not visible from outer space with an unaided eye.

Officially, the Great Wall is not on the list of the ancient Wonders of the World.

In China, since 1977, there is a large fine for damage to the Great Wall.

The wall that faces tourists is a restored building, since in the 20th century it was partially dismantled by the enterprising Chinese for building materials.